Give your business a boost with ComCart®App

Comcart®App is the tool that offers the ability to connect Whatsapp directly with your customers in a personal and immediate way through forms, messages and contacts sent directly to your Whatsapp account. Ensure efficient support and increase sales without complications with Whatsapp, which can be integrated to any site and e-commerce connects independently to your Whatsapp business, also integrating with CMS and CRM in a few steps.

Custom Widgets

Generate new leads and receive new potential customers via Whatsapp, with this structured and careful support system then generate a custom widget, linked to your Whatsapp or Whatsapp business account to collect leads from your customers.

Connect your sales team

Messages, reviews, comments, all of these help connect your brand and increase awareness, connecting your sales team by providing each agent through your Whatsapp account, the ability to give direct support through the widget.

Give support directly via Whatsapp

Thanks to the simple redirect system via the automated workflow that can be automatically integrated with your Whatsapp or Whatsapp business account

Integrates with everyone and everything

Our solution can be integrated to any CMS and CRM in a few steps and without programming, so that leads and forms go to both your Whatsapp account and your management system.

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